How To Mix Awesome Music That Gets Heard Using the 5 Plug-ins You Already Have

Discover the proven step-by-step mixing process that's helped thousands of musicians and producers confidently mix release-ready records

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  • Simplify your mixing process to create better mixes in less time
  • Understand EQ so you can make all of your instruments fit in a busy mix
  • Discover exactly how to hear and use your compressors to create punchy and tight mixes
  • Add space and depth to your mixes with reverb and delay without making your mix sound washed out
  • Use the special saturation secret all the pros use to make your mixes stand out (without overloading and distorting your mixes!)

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Do you want to finally transform your rough demos into professional mixes you can be proud to release?

  • Do you fight to make all your instruments and tracks fit together in a busy mix?
  • Do you struggle to hear compression, and how to use it to create tight and punchy mixes?
  • Do you have a hard time using reverb and delay without cluttering up your mix?
  • Do you get confused by saturation and how to use it to get a warmer mix?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, don't worry - You're not alone.

Hi, I'm Björgvin Benediktsson, Audio Engineer, Icelander, and Author of Step By Step Mixing.

I've worked as a live sound engineer, a broadcast recording engineer, a professional touring musician, a freelance mixing and mastering engineer, and an audio educator.

Since 2009, I've been helping people like you transform their rough recordings into professional records they can be proud to release through my website Audio Issues.

But let me tell you, I had no clue what I was doing when I first started mixing.

No matter how many Youtube videos I watched or plug-ins I bought, my mixes never sounded good enough.

There was no balance to the instruments and the vocals sounded glued on and fake.

If you've randomly added plug-ins to tracks, tweaked presets that didn't fit, and selected inappropriate effects that weren't suitable for your song then I know how you feel.

It was all just so intimidating.

Put simply, my mixes screamed "Amateur!" because the truth is...

  • If you have no plan...
  • No system to follow...
  • Or a workflow to make your mixes sound like you hear in your head...'ll waste time mixing in circles, never getting to a final, finished record you can proudly play for people.

15 years later, after countless hours working on audio and helping thousands of musicians and producers confidently make music they could be proud to release, I've created a fool-proof process for pro mixes.

And throughout the years I realized that the plug-ins I kept coming back to when I needed my mixes to sound open, dynamic, and professional were these five processors:

  • Equalization
  • Compression
  • Reverb
  • Delay
  • Saturation

And once you follow this step-by-step mixing process, mixing will become easy for you. I guarantee it.

So if you want to...

  • Know exactly what to do at every step of the mixing process
  • Create separation between your instruments and master the frequency spectrum, even if you have a bunch of tracks
  • Hear the subtle nuances of compression and how it can add punch to your tracks and power to your mixes
  • Add spacious reverbs and subtle depth with delays without making things sound too far away or washed out
  • Add warmth to your mix with saturation to make your mixes sound more professional, without worrying about overcooking your tracks

...then the Step By Step Mixing process is exactly what you need to create professional and release-ready mixes using only the five plug-ins you really need.

Don't just take my word for’s what people have actually said about Step By Step Mixing:

"This is the NO BS guide to taking your mixes to the next level! Björgvin has been teaching and writing about recording for a decade, and really understands that stuff that we all struggle with in the home studio. Step By Step Mixing takes you through the full process of making sure your mixes rock from rough to radio ready!"

— Lij Shaw, Award-Winning Engineer, Grammy-Nominated Studio Owner, and Podcaster Behind Recording Studio Rockstars

Here's What You'll Learn from Step By Step Mixing

  • How to set up your session for a faster workflow so your mix is done sooner. If you want to use processing like bus compression effectively this is the prep work you need to follow (Pg. 5)
  • ​How to mix with headphones if you don't have studio monitors or need to keep quiet in your studio, without sacrificing the quality of your mixes (Pg. 120)
  • ​Learn to use busses and groups to make your mixing easier so you can get great balance and a solid rough mix faster than ever (Pg. 18)
  • ​The two-step process you need to tighten up guitars while making them cut through the mix, using my low-pass filter and bell boost trick (Pg. 31)
  • ​The underused frequency area where you can bring out the character of the keyboards without masking the rest of the instruments in your mix (Pg. 41)
  • ​How to use a shelving EQ to get rid of vocal muddiness and how to EQ a vocal-heavy song so that the backup vocals don't overpower the lead vocals (Pg. 32)
  • ​The most important, but overlooked aspect of using EQ to rebalance your mix to hear the separation between all the instruments in your song (Pg. 43)
  • ​How to keep the mid-range in check so you don't get boxy kick drums, honky guitars, muddy bass or nasally vocals (Pg. 113)
  • ​Take the guesswork out of EQ with over a whole chapter of different tips on exactly when and why you should cut and boost each instrument (Pg. 25)
  • ​The two most important knobs on your compressor and how they affect the entire sound of your tracks (Pg. 49)
  • ​How to use full-band AND multi-band compression effectively - and knowing why you should be using it in the first place (Pg. 62)
  • ​The sneaky way to use presets to speed up your mixing while still tweaking them for the best results (Pg. 54)
  • ​How to know which compressor emulation to use on each instrument. If you've wondered about the difference between VCA, FET, or OPTO you'll know EXACTLY when to use which one (Pg. 51)
  • The easy way to add an all-around reverb to instantly create space in your mix (Pg. 72)
  • ​​Do you make these mistakes when creating separation between electric and acoustic guitars? Learn how to separate acoustic and electric guitars with different reverbs based on what they're playing (Pg. 83)
  • How to use modulated stereo delays to to keyboards. This subtle trick will add depth to your keyboards without cluttering up the rest of the mix (Pg. 91)
  • ​How to place backup vocals behind the lead using reverb and delay (pg. 89)​
  • The incredibly important aspect of how and why to EQ your reverbs for a cleaner mix (Pg. 80)​
  • When to use mono instead of stereo delays and how to blend separate reverbs together in a mix (Pg. 91)
  • ​Your step-by-step approach to knowing whether or not you should use saturation on a track (Pg. 101)​
  • How to give your kick drum more low-end more thickness and weight (Pg. 102)​
  • How to use multi-band saturation to give your snare drum more bite to cut through a busy mix (Pg. 104)
  • ​How to use parallel saturation to create subtle thickness and warmth (Pg. 102)​How to add warm tape emulation to bring out the acoustic guitars in your mix (Pg. 103)
  • ​How to use saturation to dirty up your keyboard patch to make it more interesting (Pg. 105)​
  • Your easy process to find which saturation plug-in is the best to use to make your tracks stand out (Pg. 107)​
  • How to check your mixes on multiple systems and what to look out for so that they translate everywhere. (Pg. 109)
  • ​How to fix mix translation issues when your mix sounds like it has a blanket over it (Pg. 114)
  • How to use a reference mix to make your songs compare to professional mixes (Pg. 109)
  • ​How to choose the right reference mix for your song (Pg. 110)
  • The 7-step process for making your mixes translate to every speaker system (Pg. 117)​

“I’m a singer, songwriter, producer and now after reading this, I’d finally call myself a mix engineer as well. Before reading this I felt like I had a pretty ok understanding of mixing and just needed to fill in the gaps, but after reading this I realized that I didn’t know much at all. I got so much out of this. This is truly a fantastic book for any new, aspiring or even seasoned mix engineers. I’ve always wanted to just sit next to some pro MEs to see how they did it and I finally feel like I had that chance. Every page is filled with great info and at no point did it ever feel like Björgvin was trying to fill pages. Literally, every page and word was extremely helpful. Keep em coming Björgvin. Great Stuff!”

— -Tino Grigoriou

"Stop guessing, or struggling with trial and error methods. Clear concise, step-by-step, solid advice from a Professional who is willing to share with you, his talents and experience. Great read at a fantastic price! Buy it Now, and your mixes will improve. Read it a few times and your mixes will get even better, really!"

- Dave Columbo, Mixing Engineer

"Refreshingly helpful in demystifying a topic that I’ve been trying to figure out for years. I thought I would have to completely change my life to attend audio school. But with Bjorgvin’s help, I have been able to turn a hobby into the beginning of a freelance career. THANK YOU!"

- Emily, Musician

"Spot-on mixing guide that will give you great results in your mix. I use this for myself and with students in the Music Technology A Level and Music Practitioners RSL (like a L3 BTEC) courses I teach. I've found it to be VERY readable, accurate, and easy to follow and apply and my students find it really useful. It is not overly long but is very practical and Bjorgvin clearly knows his stuff. Highly recommended for live and studio mixing of audio on both professional and academic levels."

— Dan, Music Technology Teacher

Better Mixes or Your Money Back Guarantee!

Step By Step Mixing comes with a 100% risk-free money-back guarantee.

I promise that following the workflow will help you create more professional mixes from your home studio.

After reading them you'll know exactly what to do to transform your amateur demos into powerful and professional mixes.

There is a reason my students have told me that my training has "instantly improved their mixes."

Your fans will love the new professional sounds you're releasing, and you'll impress every new client that comes to your studio because you'll easily show them how good you can make them sound.

You can even read the book before you make up your mind. You can try all the tricks and keep the training for a full year before deciding whether you like them or not.

If at any point you decide that my training didn't skyrocket the quality of your productions, simply email for a full refund, no questions asked nor strings attached!

I take my guarantee very seriously. I am not interested in keeping your money if you don’t learn anything from what I’m creating for you.

So if you’re not happy, I’m not happy. Simple as that.

Here's to improving your mixes!

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  • Bonus #1: 5 Plug-in Mix Quickstart Video Series that shows you more mixing secrets in 30 minutes than 30 hours on Youtube ($49 Value)
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  • Bonus #3: Home Studio Mastering Q&A to help you master your mixes like the pros ($100 Value)
  • ​Bonus #4: Professionally Narrated Audiobook version ($27 Value)
  • Bonus #5: Better Mixes in Less Time: The Productivity Playbook for Mixing Engineers ($7 Value)
  • ​Bonus #6: 70 Ways to Monetize Your Music Career Masterclass ($97 Value)

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